The Best Irish Film Not Yet Featured On This List

The Best Irish Film Not Yet Featured On This List

Irish cinema has produced some very good films and some of the world’s best actors and actresses. Check out the best Irish movies of recent years, which also include various genres such as thriller, comedy, drama, family, film noir, horror, folk music and so much more!

It is hard to choose just one best Irish movies of all time but we will give you a head start by giving you the top five best films ever made. This article will cover four of these incredible films.

A Boy’s Life (Movie: A Quiet Place)

The first and second part of this multi-dimensional movie about two young boys from the Irish Catholic Church who move to a small English fishing village. The boys are very different and soon learn that they have very different opinions on life and they begin to fight each other for the attention of their new headmaster. They are thrown into a world of trouble and danger as the town becomes a battlefield. One of Ireland’s most beloved movies, A Boy’s Life was directed by Michael Fassbender and written by David Shannon. The film managed to be both topical and culturally accurate at the same time.

Happy Gilmore (Movie: Happy Gilmore)

In this movie about the seedy life of an Irish farmer, we are introduced to the characters for the first time. There is a lot of simmering tension between the main character, Colleen, and her neighbors, including the owner of the local pub, Finbar. The main conflict of the film revolves around Colleen’s feelings for Finbar, and how he is being treated by his employers. This film actually filmed in the north of Ireland, so most of it is filmed on the beach on inflatable spas and a short drive from the airport. The Irishness of this film is probably what makes it one of my favorites of all the Irish movies ever made.

The Best Irish Film Not Yet Featured On This List

A Beautiful Mind (Movie: A Beautiful Mind)

This movie about a brilliant young woman from a Catholic family who falls for a man from the Protestant faith who has to deal with a lot of social issues while trying to support her family. The main conflict of the film revolves around how her Catholic faith prohibits her from being with a non-Catholic. This movie was very successful in its attempt at representing the Catholic faith in a realistic way. The symbolism and the story of A Beautiful Mind were very important to Catholics all over the world because it was a great symbol to them. The movie A Beautiful Mind actually won four Academy Awards, which is quite an accomplishment for an independent film.

When Harry Met Sally (Movie: American Pie)

Another very popular and well-known movie about a man from the united states and an Irish woman takes place in the Chicago area. This movie takes place in the years before Sally met Harry, so there are many differences between the two cultures. American Pie is probably the best Irish movie to be released in the United States, in part because it so perfectly captures the spirit of Ireland. Many people don’t realize that in America people of Irish descent actually live in Chicago.

Dublin Don’t Talk To Strangers (Movie: Don’t Take Me Alive)

Starring Edie Falco, Kevin Dunn, and Jennifer Aniston are also from the Emerald Isle. This movie was very well received in Ireland, as it was set in Dublin, a bustling city on the west coast of Ireland. Don’t Talk To Strangers was actually the first Irish movie to be shot on the west coast of Ireland, and the three main characters have an Irish last name. The movie’s Irish accent and scenes were particularly well received in Dublin. It’s no surprise that Doesn’t Talk To Strangers would go on to become one of Jennifer Aniston’s best films, and it remains one of the best Irish films ever made.

Another great movie about Ireland, No One But Irish, is also from the Emerald Isle and stars Kevin Costner, along with Edith Scovell. No One But Irish is set in Galway, and the story follows the lives of a young man (Costner) who moves to Galway City with his friend and starts work selling jewelry on the street.

The friendship between the two men is what makes No One But Irish such a classic Irish film, and the fact that it was directed by none other than Kevin Costner, only serves to make it all the more true. Costner plays the part of an IRA member who tries to find those responsible for his friend’s wrongful death but ends up finding himself drawn into the IRA. The movie takes place during the early days of the Troubles when Catholics were being killed in droves, and No One But Irish serves as a sort of personal sequel to Irish Death By Murder (not to mention the fantastic Michael Fassbender cameo).

Finally, I could talk about Irish movies without mentioning The Meaning Of Life, which is arguably one of the best Irish films ever made. Directed by Danny Boyle, the film follows a young girl (Tara Ford) from a poor background, who rises above her circumstances to become a major international figure. The movie, simply put, is about the meaning of life, and how people should value their own ones, even if they’re not so lucky. It’s a breathtaking piece of cinema and a must-see film for anyone willing to take a chance with Irish cinema.

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