Headquartered on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, we pride ourselves on our high quality and professional services. We recognize there are very few women in the Digital Marketing world, but the ones who are in this field are quite successful, we want more women to come to the Digital world and make a difference.

Women are always very careful about their dresses, However, choosing a dressmaker isn’t as easy as sticking a pin in the directory and plumping for that one, because of women’s careful and picky nature, digital marketing can be the right choice as a career for women.

Choosing the right seamstress in Digital World is almost as important as finding the right husband! You need to find someone who is empathetic to your dreams, someone you are able to communicate with and will listen to what you want, and is honest enough to share their opinions as to whether what you have in mind will work in a way that will be pleasing to you in the end.

Linda Davey

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