Types Of Animation

Animations are of mainly 5 types. They are:

  • Traditional Animation

  • 2D Vector Based Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Stop Motion

Traditional animation is the oldest form of animation which is also known as cel animation. In this, for creating the sequence of the animation, the animator needs to draw each frame and then for creating an illusion of motion, the sequential drawings are very quickly screened.

2D animation is a computer vector animation which also uses the traditional animation techniques. In this, it animates frame by frame as well as an animator can create rigs for the characters and their movements. Repeated drawing of character is not required in 2D animation.

3D animation is way different than traditional animation. This uses images generated using computers. It is also known as CGI or simply CG. 3D animation is a lot like stop motion animation in terms of dealing with posing and animating models.

Motion graphics is very different from the other animations as it is not based on body mechanics or acting. This involves movement of graphic texts and elements for promotional and commercial purposes.

Stop motion is capturing an object’s photo and then it is moved a little bit and again a photo is taken. This is done repeatedly and later when the photos are played, it gives an illusion of motion.